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new album with Sindre Bjerga

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2011.12.03. new  album of  Lumber

dear friends, here is a newest album of mine artist: Lumber
title: “misplaced daguerreotype of our bonhomie”

1. inertia, subversed outlay and dunkable reservoir
2. demise of oddities and footnotes on peripheral squelches

Lumber is:

Hubert Heathertoes electronics: KP3, Korg Electribe sampler, FX loop, radio waves, field recordings
Roger Smith – no-input mixing board, sampler

Bio/statement: Truly spanning the globe, this Polish/North American duo. Lumber is live improvised electronics duo consisting of Hubert Heathertoes (THAW, Igloodoom, Hubert Napiorski, Astipalea) & Roger Smith (CHEFKIRK, Insects with Tits, MANDOM, Control Valve). “misplaced daguerreotype of our bonhomie” was recorded at Hubie’s place in Warsaw, Poland on April something, 2010. A great time, for sure.

- 2 tracks of live improvised electronic pseudo butter concrete

2011.09.16. new album of Heathertoes "All that dreams matters"

2011.05.14/15 Noc Muzeów event - galeria 2.0

2011.02.23 concert at Noisewaste festival, Eufemia, Warsaw, Poland

2011.02.22. concert at Eszeweria

concert at Ethno Cafe, Ethnological Museum, Warsaw

Heathertoes concert and exhibitions of photos from my workshops
thanks to New Nihilism for Design

I will permanently change my alias of Thaw - no more Thaw - Heathertoes!

new album from kitty_kit cassette on allied forces of New Nihilism and Astipalea

2010.05.30. new cd-r Thaw "Flex your muscles when you're young, drill the holes if you are a miner"

2010.05.15. Thaw with Felicity Mangan and Bartek Kalinka at Galeria 2.0. Krakowskie Przedmieście, Warsaw

2010.05.14. Thaw with Felicity Mangan at CSW, Toruń

2010.04.10 Chefkirk, Thaw, Wouter Jaspers, Konrad Gęca, Cracow


2010.02.18. new Thaw/Bjerga cdr on



Igloodoom "Perfumowane nasiona"

ast#0041/XVP63 (CDR)

4 EURO Europe postpaid / 6 USD World postpaid

Igloodoom 'Perfumowane nasiona' Fragment 1  mp3
Fragment 2  mp3

(November 2009)
Medium and quiet improv for accordion and raw electronics. Disharmonic drones and more. 25 minutes long.

CDR comes in pink paper envelope, with color cover, insert. Print on the cdr. Limited to 50. Co-released with Astipalea.

2009.10.27. we have new label in distro

ast#0040 Crank Sturgeon and kitty_kit "The organic cheese strikes back"
new album from Astipalea


ast#0038 Thaw "Subtleties of the deities" another new album from Astipalea

8th November 2009

underground music festival focused on ritual ,ambient ,drone,martial industrial,power electronics,spiritual freedom and experimental music.
regular event programming includes experimental and improvisational music,exhibitions of visual art.
a different spectrum just for those who believe in halloween.
AUN is the ambient doom project of Montreal’s Martin Dumais who describes his take on outsider metal meets shoegaze as ‘blight metal’. He has been a crucial contributor to the Montreal music scene for years. Elements of Aun’s sound can be traced to the classic period of ambient music marked by the likes of Cluster & Eno as well as to contemporary players such as Tim Hecker. AUN erects vast walls of crumbling distortion forged into apocalyptic ambient drift streaked with heavenly cosmic fx, crushing blasts of immolating hellish symphonies of rusted scraping strings and celestial electronic whiteout.
In a live situation AUN crafts his sound through guitar and a bevy of effects, offering a far more engaging visual experience than your average laptop based performance.
To date AUN has released seven solo records as well as a collaborative effort with Allseits. His latest release is "Motorsleep" (Alien8 Records 09).
More info and sound at:
B_TONG is from Basel and a former member of German industrial cult-group NID ( music of B_TONG lies somewhere between dark ambient, drone and experimental electronic sounds, he himself calls it “soundscapes”. He has toured throughout Europe several times and appeared at renown festivals. This year he completed a twelve-date tour of the east-coast of North America.Live he uses a multitude of effect-pedals, through which he feeds sounds generated by playing on various kitchen utensils, a metal spring, and other gadgets. He too is an artist who refuses to hide behind laptop and visuals - he IS the visual and his soundscapes are improvised on the spot. B_TONG has released a number of albums so far, his latest being: Structures CD (Noecho Records) and Hysteria MCD (Verato Project).
More info and sound at:
MRTNPLMR hails from Trondheim, Norway where he has been performing various live sets since 2006. His project revolves around topics such as fascism, perversion, spirituality and surrealism and has been described as an "exploration of various concepts with the use of contrasting samples from various cultural backgrounds adding to this a foreground of drones and noise based sounds" and also "occult mindfucknoise."This is his first performance outside the Kingdom of Norway.
Obscure objects of desire will be available.
More info and sound at:
KSHAYAAT.H ṛ ṝ ḷ ḹ
Sarve Bhadrāni Paśyantu Mā Kaścid Duhkhabhāg bhavet
More info and sound at: http://ṛ ṝ ḷ ḹ
Hubert Napiórski, under this alias he focuses himself on prepared, electroacoustic, noise, drone, field recording music.Active since 1996 - his Astipalea Records project founded on 25th of August 2002 is active in publishing likewise artists, Hubert is also the solely distributor of Creative Sources Records from Portugal - .
he is also active under two different aliases djfeaturing - abstract turntablism
kitty_kit- improvised electroacoustic instruments solo in his work he operates mainly with acoustic and analogue techniques, plays also acoustic laptops. Takes his interests into the field of photography, writing.
More info and sound at:
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