Astipalea records

Grains of thoughts

all of our music are limited editions of 108 or 324 handmade covered cds or cdrs
we are open to trade

ast#0001 Thaw "ye.shes"
Subtle electroacoustic/concrete environmental ambient {sometimes inaudible} based on watery sounds and improvisations on Tibetan singing bowls. The title means "wisdom" in Tibetan language. Recorded 2002.08.17

cost: 5 euro

ast#0002 Thaw "Hawaii Five-O"
Live electronic noise tribute to my favourite and most lovable tv series and blissful 60?s moods, where was the place for extraordinary manners, fine limos, pretty crafted suits, fine guns, beautiful Hawaiian girls and Hawaiian landscapes. Fine for surfing in a pool full of sharks, murenas and rays.

cost 5 Euro

ast#0003 Paed Conca "live '98 solo"
Paed is a well known improviser connected with Swiss scene {}. Here is a bootleg of his live concert during summer festival in Inowłódz in July of 1998. He uses here e-bass, prepared guitar, toys, tapes, f/x, his voice. Very moody material but warm in colour and not so oversophisticated. Contact Paed! - he is a very nice person!

cost 5 Euro

ast#0004 XVParówek/Thaw split cd
Over 50 minutes of highly divergent material located somewhere between noise sculpturism, ambient, musique concrete and glitchy cut-ups. Collaborative thing between me and Bartek Kalinka aka unbeatable XVParówek Published in 2 versions with 2 different covers. Recorded between October and December 2002.

cost:free download at

ast#0005 Minaruttes Maruttes "1"
Over 70 minutes of climatique moody psychodelic a lil' bit songy sampladelia. Stories taken from under the wardrobe, micro rhytms, melancholic calls, very close in style to the polish Choreja and Choremy projects from Obuh's label ( This is the project of the former leader of the efemeric Głowomorny project.

Cost 5 Euro

ast#0006 Minaruttes Maruttes "2"

Recorded lately material of the Głowomorny?s leader - Paradoxxx is also a moody sampladelia but more rhytmical and lighter in colour - has the structure of unsongful-songs. Running time: 35 minutes.

Cost 5 Euro

ast#0007 Carlos Giffoni "Muchos Sonidos"
Carlos Giffoni, born in Venezuela, currently residing in New York, works with variety of electronics and sometimes guitar, creating sound collage compositions as well as collaborating live with variety of musicians. Carlos has collaborated live in the past with Nels Cline, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore, Chris Corsano, Hiroshi Hasegawa ( of C.C.C.C. and Astro ), Lasse Maurhaug and Solmania among others.
He is also a member of electronic-song-sculpture trio Monotract ( and of Old Bombs (with Dino Felipe of Schematic records and Vanessa Poges).
This cd-r is a collection of yet unreleased compositions and improvisations with electronics, created between 2002 and 2003.

Cost 5 Euro

ast#0008 V.A. "The Quite Quiet Quango"
1. Jair Rohm "Woman and her fresh pleasure trust"
Jair-Rohm Parker Wells has been a catalyst on the international avant garde scene for more than twenty years. From his early work with ground breaking aggregations such as Germany's Embryo. His own New Jersey based Venus envy and the N.Y. iconoclasts Machine Gun he has consistently pushed the envelope of "the musics of expression". A resident of Stockholm, Sweden since 1985, he is widely recognized as a highly individual voice on the electric bass guitar, Ashbory bass, Fichter electric double bass and acoustic bass bass guitar, he has also distinguished himself as a programmer and synthetist developing with Max/MSP, Csound and Java.

2. Wolfram "Nightwatch"
Dominik Kowalczyk aka Wolfram is an artist of wide interests exploring many musical fields. He runs an independent label Polycephal ( and electrozine Neurobot and is a member of the musical project called also Neurobot - 2gether with Jacek Staniszewski and Artur Kozdrowski.

3. Cria Cervos "L'envelopment cotonneux du bruit"
Cria Cuervos started in 1999 as a free/harsh noise/cut-up thing, then evolved into subcutaneous lowercase drones. "Cancroregina" cd-r is currently available on Immanence Records ( ), a new solo work and collaborations are in progress. For any contact:

4. Insect Meat "LLLS"

5. Apoca
Robert and Michał are two guys making rather subtle sounds based on concrete/field recording sounds. They are very active guys playing chill-out gigs. Visit their site, contact:

6. Meta-Physical Pekining "Denry musha" Kyoto, Japan 2003 July
Two young and really sense guys very sensitive to outer sounds and lo-fi possibilities, friends of Parallax records. Made in Kyoto, Japan 2003 July Shinichiro Tanaka - electronix, Nobuhiro Maeda - no input mixing board

7. Sunao Inami
The Orchestra Man and the head of Cave Studio, initiator and member of many musical projects using many media

8. Tore Honore Boe "Solvstoy brg"
Member of international art collective Origami, mostly prefers analogue laptops of his own construction

9. Crank Sturgeon + XVParówek "Running Mice"
Two deconstructionist sculpturers in track recorded during Crank's stay in our lovely country

10. Origami Arktika "Maur I"
The other member of Origami known from concerts in Poland

11. Violet "Wasp"
Jeff Surak is the head at Really active collaborator, making sounds under divergent aliases

12. Wojtek Kosma "Peak Orch"

Cost: 8 Euro

ast#0009 Thaw "Meterolosynapse"
field recording
glitchless glitch
deep listening

Sounds based on meterological experiences beetwen January and November 2003.

cost 5 Euro

ast#0010 Kitty Kit "Drift"
Prepared guitar improvisations , 4 tracks, no overdubs, minimal, multiaural...

cost 5 Euro

ast#0011 Minaruttes Maruttes "3"
Yet more psychodelic songs, clicky, quirky, more and more better, more and more intriguing and more of a personal unique moody style

Cost 5 Euro

ast#0012 Nate Wooley "The beast is a beast because he is lonely"

Trumpet solo

Cost 7 Euro

ast#0013/0014 bodymapping quirk


ast#0015 Anla Courtis "Presencia de lo No - Manifestado en lo Manifestado"

Anla Courtis is one of the legendary argentinian band Reynols, here he shows himself in ambient drone emploi...

cost 7 Euro

ast#0016 Jean Luc Guinnet + Pascal Battus "Parmakli"

Chiftellia + saz = improvised acoustics...

Cost 7 Euro

ast#0017 Allexandre Bellenger/Jendrek Zagorski
Turntablistic collages

cost 7 Euro

ast#0018 Mike Khoury/Jason Shearer "Duets"

reeds vs. violin improvised...

cost 7 Euro

ast#0019 Iversen "Greets from Norway"
Drone music from Norway

Cost 7 Euro

ast#0020 Bjerga/Iversen "Chromium Six Exposure"
Ambient drone

Cost 7 Euro

ast#0021 Ian Mckenzie "Vol.1"
Conceptual dark ambient

Cost 7 Euro

ast#0022 Ian Mckenzie "Vol.2"

Conceptual dark ambient

Cost 7 Euro

ast#0023 Minaruttes Maruttes "IV"
Psychodelic quirky songs near Nurse with Wund/Eyeless in Ghaza/Zoviet France/dark trip-hop/looped freak folk

Cost 5 Euro

ast#0024 Chefkirk "Documents of Consumption"

Harsh noise's finest

Cost 5 Euro

ast#0025 Das Gerste "Leading by Nihilistus - The Lost Tapes"
Dark trip hop folk (Thaw/Minaruttes Maruttes)

Cost 5 Euro

ast#0026 IglooDoom "s/t"
Twin release of - improvised music based on laptop sounds and electroacoustic set of toys and instruments...

Cost 6 Euro

ast#0027 Prawatt "Live 'n Bar"
100% analogue electronica near Pan Sonic/Nurse with Wound

Cost 5 Euro

ast#0028 Blue Collar "Eyes and Toes"
Steve Swell - trombone
Tatsuya Nakatani - drums
Nate Wooley - trumpet

Cost 7 Euro

ast#0029 Alfredo Costa Monteiro "Anatomy of Inner Space"

4 untitled tracks. Co-released with MonotypeRec.

Cost 10 Euro

ast#0030 IgloDoom "Broken Ghost of Penniless Wilds"

Second material of Hubert and Bartek - highly diversive improvised music based on sounds of electroacoustic analogue set - Hubert and laptop based sounds - Bartek. This release is co-put out by Bartek's label XV Parowek...

Cost 6 Euro

ast#0031 Mike Khoury "Etudes in Simultaneity"

All instruments: Mike Khoury
Mike Khoury was born in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in 1969. As the son of visual artist Sari Khoury, he was exposed to various forms of visual arts, and creative musical forms. Growing up in a university town also availed Mike to various forms of art and music. Mike is Palestinian.

Mike began studying violin at the age of 10 and eventually came under the guidance of Juliard graduate Nancy Smith. Abandoning the violin for electric bass, Mike played in various rock combos and eventually settled with The Urban Farmers.

The Urban Farmers are a trio which combine ethnic music with elements of jazz and psychedelic rock. Consisting of Patrick Boyer on guitar, Jason Lewis on persussion and Mike on bass, they have enjoyed some sucess with the release of one CD, and various cuts on many compilations.

Mike went on to explore the possibilities of free and improvised music and resumed his studies of the violin. He furthered his involvement in the creative improvised realm with Jason Shearer (winds) and Ben Hall (percussion). Mike also played with Siege Machine, a larger ensemble including Ben Hall, John Olson, Jason Shearer, Mark Sawaski and Joel Peterson. Siege Machine balanced graphical score compositions with improvisation. The development of the improvisational duet has also consumed much of Khoury's time and is a preferred format. Often times, Khoury joins Ben Hall, Hans Buetow, Piotr Michalowski or Leyya Tawil in duo performances. Current playing partners include Will Soderberg, Hans Buetow, Ben Hall and Piotr Michalowski.

Mike studies violin at the Art Center Music School with composer/violinist David Litven. Mike continues to work on compositions and improvisations as well as operate Entropy Stereo Recordings, a free improvisation music label.

Mike has had the good fortune to record and/or perform with Rob Cambre, Greg Wildes, Allison Stanley, Mark Southerland and Bill McKemy of Malachy Papers, Arny Young, Eric Roth of Explosion:Cerebral, John Sinclair, Maury Coles, Tim Hundevad, Jason Hammer, Le Quan Ninh, the SILVER measure, Hans Fjellestad, Damon Holzborn, Sam Rabourn, Carl Smith, Blaise Siwula, Jack Wright, Chris Peck, James Ilgenfritz, Mike Hansen, Tomasz Krakowiak, David Prentice, Dennis, Aaron, and Stefan Gonzalez, The Northwoods Improvisers, Faruq Z. Bey, Mike Carey, Len Bukowski, Piotr Michalowski, Luc Houtkamp, John Voigt, John Butcher, Jerome Breyerton, Brian Mackie, Michael Welch, Gunda Gottschalk, Nathan Hubbard, Gino Robair, Fred Bergman, Hans Buteow, John Shiurba, Curtis Glatter, Damon Smith, Scott Looney, Marcos Fernandes, Leyya Tawil, Nate Wooley, Michael Caleb, Mary Redhouse, Ryan Jewell, Glen Hall, Chris Riggs and Wolfgang Fuchs.

The majority of release below may be obtained by emailing Mike directly. Recent highlights include Violinsploitation with Will Soderberg, Sound Vibration Alchemy with Andrew Coltrane and a split CD on the Milmin Punts label in duet with Ryan Jewell.

Cost 7 Euro

ast#0032 Bergman/Buetow/Glatter/Khoury "Live at Detroit Art Space"
    Recorded by Mike Khoury
Fred Bergman - sax, flute
Hans Buetow – bass
Curtis Glatter - percussion
Mike Khoury - violin

Cost 7 Euro

ast#0033 Thaw "Irish Sea Chronicles no 1"
ast#0034 Thaw "Irish Sea Chronicles no 2"

my memoir albums with field recordings from Ireland

ast#0038 Thaw "Subtleties of the deities"
microscopic landscapes of acousmatic folk psychodelia
cost 5 Euro

ast#0039 Crank Sturgeon + IglooDoom

cost 5 Euro

ast#0040 Crank Sturgeon and kitty_kit "The organic cheese strikes back"

52 minutes of nonsense acoustic and electronic improv divided into 3 tracks plus narratives of two gentlemen - fairy tales on acoustic laptop, caviar can sampler, fancy supa dupa electronics soaked in junko wacko lo-fi funk...

ast#0041 Igloodoom "Perfumowane nasiona"



4 EURO Europe postpaid / 6 USD World postpaid

Igloodoom 'Perfumowane nasiona' Fragment 1  mp3
Fragment 2  mp3

(November 2009)
Medium and quiet improv for accordion and raw electronics. Disharmonic drones and more. 25 minutes long.

CDR comes in pink paper envelope, with color cover, insert. Print on the cdr. Limited to 50. Co-released with Astipalea.

ast#0042 Thaw "Flex your muscles when you're young,  drill the holes when you are a miner"
42 minutes of abstract/glitchy noise in an brown paper envelope

ast#0043 Heathertoes "all that dreams matters"

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